oh baby, baby!

November 18, 2010

mama likes babies. (this should be no surprise). so when one of mama’s friends from college asked her to make cupcakes for her twin babies’ first birthday party, mama was thrilled!

the mamas kept things basic, since the little miss and mister are only one: chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. simple but heavenly. and nearly all organic. oh yes: nothing but the best for the babes’ “first taste of heaven.” (yes, that’s a quote, i am happy to say!)

mama couldn’t resist putting her favorite dark chocolate covered pretzel ball on top, tho the babies didn’t get to try them. there’s plenty of time for that once they have more teeth.

mama is still waiting on the obligatory ‘baby – or two – with cupcake all over their face’ picture to post. can’t wait to see delight in action. happy to be a part of it! thanks, kath, paul, brig & gav!


oh, baby!

September 2, 2010

mama had the honor of making cupcakes for a little girl’s christening party last sunday. the baby’s parents chose red velvet (!) and vanilla cupcakes, and the colors for the event were pink and purple. mama had to admit: she was worried. isn’t red velvet a little, well, sexy for a baptism?

the answer is: yes. red velvet is sexy, but mama managed to get it as cute and girly and baby-party-friendly as humanly possibly.

now: vanilla and purple: very kid-like. but would it look weird? mama was a little worried about the color combo.

mama had nothing to worry about.

mama should maybe trust herself a little more!

mama thanks ingrid & andy & sienna for her first official order as the cupcake queen of upper manhattan!

chocolate + raspberry = happiness

June 9, 2010

moist, crumbly, heavenly chocolate cupcakes with freshly made raspberry buttercream frosting made for easter this year.

it just so happened that mama’s birthday was right around then, too. what a happy coincidence!

chocolate + raspberry is one of mama’s favorite combinations. these would do well with a little chocolate shaved on top, as well. because you can never have too much chocolate. truly. never. ever. you know?

hiya, honey!

April 9, 2010

welcome to mama’s little cupcake blog. thanks for stopping by! how’s about a cupcake?

sweet cupcake image drawn by a good pal, the mighty j. you like it as a bit of a logo? it might need something special on top, i think. i’m a sprinkles girl, myself.

so this’ll be the spot for general info and witty ramblings about mama loves cupcakes, a new all-natural and organic home-based cupcake business in upper manhattan, nyc.

got a question? leave me a comment. want ordering info? shoot me an email: mamalovescupcakes at gmail.com

pricing and all that specific info will be up here shortly.

stay tuned, honey. you don’t want to miss any of this.